Tork Robotik

Embedded System Design

We develop special devices for your needs with special software and hardware designs.

Image Processing

Using image processing technology, we offer solutions that simplify your complex and time-consuming tasks.

Desktop Applications

Instead of sectoral automation programs, we save you from the cumbersome package programs with programs that meet your needs and desires.

Mobile Applications

We integrate all your applications into your mobile devices. We are developing mobile games.

Web Technologies

We are designing dynamic web sites and developing web based applications.

Robot Technology

We combine image processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence methods to create rational solutions to complex problems.

Robotics and Coding Course

We offer group or private Robotics and Coding lessons for your children from parent school to high school.

Database Management

Together with data management and follow-up, we provide rational solutions for more effective customer interaction.

Internet of Things

We make every kind of device and system remotely accessible and manageable. 

Energy Systems and Solar Energy

We offer AG-OG compensation systems installation and remote monitoring solutions for solar energy production sites.

Graphic Design

We are doing animated graphic designs, we are animating your logo. 

What do you need?

When you tell us what you need, we tell you what we can do to help. :)