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We develop national software projects

We carry out AR-GE activities with expert staff in the field. We aim to regionalize the technological needs of agriculture, animal husbandry and tourism sectors.

As the Turkish children recognize their ancestors, they will find their strength to do bigger things.

M.Kemal Atatürk (1930)

We offer rational solutions

Instead of ready-made software,  we offer unique solutions to your needs.

We are faced with a picture hanging on the promise that  Ataturk will "find himself stronger to do bigger things as we recognize the ancestors of Turkish children". We do all our work by making this promise. We built Tork Robot Akıllı Sistemler  Elektronik ve Yazılım Hizmetleri Tic. Ltd. Şti. in January 2018; we are an engineering company operating to produce the best solutions in the field of knowledge in the highest quality.

Experienced engineers are trying to make what they need in a perfect way. We are doing original works that are not fabricated. We develop by researching, developing by coding. For those not yet done, "Why not?" we are screaming. Certainly, from time to time, there are moments when we are bored with numbers. At that moment, we take our accusations that we have in our office and shake our olfum to Gulf of Fethiye and we are only taking 122 steps for this. It is a great chance for us to have an office with a sea view. We are inspired by nature and we care about art in all we do.

Our team consists of friends who speak the same language, not only engineers who understand computer languages.  
Tork Robotik team; It is made up of experienced and dynamic individuals who have combined their theory and practice by interpreting their academic education in line with the needs of the business world. With its design and software experience, the Tork Robotik team integrates their creative ideas with a customer-focused approach and offers solutions tailored to the needs of the companies.

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Tuzla Mahallesi, 533. Sk. 6/1, 48300 Fethiye/Muğla


Phone : +90 (505) 772 08 95
Phone 2 : +90 (252) 612 12 05

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